What does Rendamo do?

At Rendamo, we help bring landscape designs to life using three dimensional visualizations. Many landscape companies design outdoor living spaces in 2D design softwares. We translate these 2D designs into photo-realistic visualizations of the design that can be presented to the homeowner. This helps communicate the design visually and is one of the best tools available for landing high-quality landscape projects.

What is 3D modelling and visualization?

3D modelling for landscaping is the process of creating a 3D computer model of an existing space (usually backyard or frontyard) for display purposes. We then map textures, objects, and images on to the surfaces of the 3D model to create a life-like 3D visualization of a landscape project.

Why does your landscape / construction business need 3D visualization?

Presenting a 3D model of your landscape design before building is fast becoming the industry-norm. 3D visualizations can help communicate your design, establish your company as an industry leader, and aligns your vision with the homeowner's. Although many landscape design softwares offer simple 3D modelling, our team uses the latest technology to deliver photo-realistic visualizations that truly set your company apart from the competition and impress your clients!

How much do you charge?

We offer two packages to get started. Our Basic Package is $299 USD and our Premium Package is $499 USD. From there you can add on nightviews, expedited delivery, 3D walkthrough videos, and more to your package (additional costs apply). To find out more visit our Pricing Page.

How long does it take?

Generally projects take between 5-10 business days to reach completion. However, if additional revisions are required or project delays occur, the lead time could take longer. To expedite your project select 'Expedite your Project' before checking out (additional $109).

What do I need to send you to get started?

You will need to send us a 2D design file (CAD, Dynascape, Realtime Landscape Architect, Uvision, etc.) and photos of the property and home. We ask that there be dimensions on the 2D file to achieve the correct scale in our model. The more dimensions and photos provided the better.

Where are you based?

We are a Canadian company based in Vancouver just above Seattle, WA. All prices are in USD. If you're a Canadian company reach out to us for an invoice in CDN.

Do you offer design services?

Yes! We've just added design services to our packages. You can choose to either provide your 2D design or have our team design your backyard! Stand-alone rendering packages are still available.

Are the visualizations exact?

Visualizations are only a representation of the 2D plans and concepts. They are by no means to be taken literally or exact. Think of a Rendamo plan as your artistic vision for the project. Many times, over the course of a project, materials, plans, and furnishings can be subject to change.

Do you provide interior visualizations?

Feel free to contact us if you have interior or commercial 3D visualization needs. We can provide a quote for the project after the plans are sent to us.

Which softwares do you use?

Our team uses many softwares for modelling and rendering. These include SketchUp, Autodesk 3ds Max, Lumion, Corona, and more! If you have an existing SketchUp model you need rendered, feel free to contact us for a custom quote!

Where can I find examples of your work?

Here on our website you can view project examples by clicking here!

I'm not sure how to start. Can we discuss my project?

Of course! We'd be happy to discuss your project and what we need from you to get started. Get in touch by clicking here.


Thank you!

- the Rendamo Team